My mission is to contribute high-quality, high-impact research and consulting, to help organizations and individuals achieve competitive advantages in their industry. Additionally, I aim to teach theories and skills preparing future leaders to succeed in their career by making strategic and ethical decisions.

I am a global citizen, having lived, studied, and worked in Germany, Australia, and the USA. I grew up in Germany, where I got involved in the sport and entertainment industry at a young age, as my family’s business was in sport tourism. I enjoyed the physical, mental, and social benefits that sport provided and wanted to deepen my knowledge about the processes leading to these benefits. Consequently, I studied sport science and physical education at the Saarland University, Germany. During this time, I organized events and promotions for lifestyle brands, such as RedBull and Baileys. Fascinated by the business-side of sport and events, I started a second degree in Marketing and Strategic Management at the Saarland University, Germany. I was fortunate to receive an academic scholarship for a year abroad at the University of Missouri, USA to study business. As an athlete, I represented the University of Missouri in wakeboarding and the Saarland University in snowboarding competitions, coming 10th in the 2005 European University championship in slopestyle.

After finishing three diplomas, which are combined Bachelors and Masters degrees, in Sport Science, Business, and Business Education, I moved to Australia to pursue a Ph.D. in Business with a concentration in Sport Marketing. I received a scholarship from Griffith University, Australia to study with Prof. Daniel Funk, a world-leader in sport consumer behavior. My Ph.D. research focused on the strategic development of sport brands and consumers’ perceptions of brand relationships. Leveraging my research expertise, I consulted sport teams on their brand development and sport associations on their strategic expansion plans.

After completing the Ph.D. program, I joined Temple University, USA, which is an R1 research school with an international reputation for its marketing and sport management program. I am teaching strategic management in sport as well as the senior cap-stone course. Additionally, I consult for 1) a sport event in England helping to improve the consumer experience and demonstrate the economic impact of the event on the city; 2) a fan engagement software company in Switzerland providing consumer analytics and product development advice; and 3) professional soccer players in the USA helping with their brand development, sponsorship activation, and charity awareness. For more information, see “my projects” below.

I am looking forward to connect via social media and in real-life.