I believesport can make the world a better place.business decisions need to be data-driven.learning should be fun.

My mission is to contribute high-quality, high-impact research and consulting, to help organizations and individuals achieve competitive advantages in their industry. In class, I teach theories and skills preparing future leaders to succeed in their career by making strategic and ethical decisions.

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Great reading this article focused on how the LA Clippers are building their brand. Thanks @taniaganguli for letting me contribute my perspective about building a brand community through creating a vision and understanding the organization's culture⬇️
“It’s all about community and culture”. Sport marketing and sponsorship agent @AStallings88 sharing how he built his company @AtheloGroup with my @TempleSTHM sport business student. Thanks for joining 🙏🙌 https://t.co/5OJERAwzLr ThiloKunkel photo