Gamified fan engagement to increase loyalty

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple has formed a strategic partnership with Swiss software developer Appventures to conduct data analysis of their ARENOO soccer fan engagement app. Initial data analysis has led to a paper to be presented at the Sport Marketing Association conference in October, held in Philadelphia. The following is…

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EASM New Researcher Award

The European Association for Sport Management (EASM) holds a “New Researcher Award” (NRA) competition every year.  The NRA is for “the best original theoretical or conceptual advance and significant unpublished contribution in sport management.”  In 2008, the inaugural year of the NRA, my ‘Diplomarbeit’ (engl. Honours) supervisor, Dr. Joerg Koenigstorfer won the award based on…

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Why FFA needs to stick to its Gold Coast expansion plan

I presented this speech to attendees of the SAVE Gold Coast United meeting, on Wednesday 7thMarch, 2012 at Griffith University.  The audience was comprised of more than 150 dedicated Gold Coast United fans, the former GC United marketing manager and GC United players, such as Socceroo Michael Thwaite.  “FFA’s long-term vision is to establish Australia…

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