My position as a professor allows me to utilize my research expertise to help organizations achieve their business goals. Generally, I work in a team with other researchers who are area experts related to the client's problem. Our global network allows us to account for cultural differences and consider sport and industry specific aspects. We take a data-driven approach analyzing qualitative and/or quantitative data to provide solutions uniquely tailored to the client. Below is an overview of our consulting expertise and outline of selected projects. 

Brand Positioning

We positioned Michael Lahoud's brand around philanthropy. Michael already actively supporting underrepresented communities and raised funds to build a school in his home country Sierra Leone.

We collected both qualitative and quantitative data to examine his target market of current fans and the associations fans linked to his name. These data were used to clarify his mission and direct him toward a more strategic approach to leverage key stakeholders, such as the Players Tribune and Beyond Sport, and develop sponsorship proposals that helped him sign sponsors.  

As a result, Michael won the 2015 FIFA FIFPro Award and the 2016 NASL Humanitarian of the Year Award, and raised over $35'000 to finalize building a School in Sierra Leone. 

In his words: "I think without knowing what your brand is you cannot move anywhere. You cannot build anything and really develop into the complete athlete. You need to know your target market and what they want. No one knew the extent of the good I was doing because I wasn’t sharing it; it wasn’t public knowledge; I didn’t use it strategically to build my brand. So in doing my part in putting it out there, of taking video footage, taking photos and sharing it with the world, sharing it through social media, really opened peoples’ eyes and led to great outcomes." 

Athlete brand positioning

Economic & Social Impact

We helped Bath on Ice grow from a single event during the festive season to becoming an event management subsidiary of Ted Baker, UK.

We evaluated the impact of the event on the host city of Bath, UK, helping to demonstrate that the event positively contributed to the city brand and showing a strong economic impact on the host city.

Bath on Ice was subsequently able to extend their license to host the event and also used the data to secure additional locations, expanding to four cities across the UK.

Bath on Ice

We helped Basketball Queensland demonstrate the social and economic value of basketball in the state of Queensland, and the future facility needs of basketball associations in the state.

To complete the project, we examined secondary data of demographic trends and geographic characteristics, and collected primary data through interviews and surveys from key stakeholders of the organisation and the state government.

Basketball Queensland then used the reports to apply for governmental grant funding to update their facilities, expand in certain locations, and offer accessible community programs. 



We helped examined the impact of event sponsorship on consumers' perceptions of the sponsor and consumption of sponsored products. Through a series of field experiments in which we manipulated the promotional messages, we could demonstrate how sponsorship drove consumption and the event image enhanced the sponsor brand image.

We helped athletes monetize their brand. Our expertise in evaluating the monetary value of their brand image and social media activity, we developed sponsorship proposals that helped them secure in-kind and monetary sponsorships. 

Pilsner Urquell Sponsorship

Brand Development & Fan Loyalty

We track consumer perceptions of teams, leagues, and sponsors around the world. Focussing on qualitative free-thoughts associations and quantitative measures, we analyse the brand, brand development, and fan satisfaction.

Given the unique data, we can benchmark results against other teams in the league and provide strategic recommendations on how to grow the organization and attract sponsors. 

Brand Associations

I collaborate with the following organizations and university research centers.