Thilo Kunkel, Ph.D.

New brands: Contextual differences and development of brand associations over time

New research article published in the Journal of Sport Management. The article is based on five years of data of all teams within a professional sport league and was published with Jason Daniels, a former Masters of Sport Business student at Temple University who now works as a brand consultant, and Adam Karg, who is a Senior Research Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology and leads the Sport and Wellbeing pillar of research within the Customer Experience and Insights (CXI) Group.

How new brands change in consumers’ mind

Acknowledging the prevalence of new brands and rebranding activities in the present sport landscape, the current research examined consumer perceptions of new sport brands over time. Season-ticket holders and fans(= 7590) of eight teams were tracked over the first five years of a league’s existence.

Brand associations were measured with a free-thought listing technique, and a coding process surmised 18 brand associations related to teams in the league, with six representing benefits and 12 representing attributes. Initially, responses were attribute dominant; however, benefits increased proportionately over the 5-year period of exploration.

Development of brand associations over time

Findings extend knowledge on the development of consumer-based brand associations of new sport brands over time, highlight contextual differences between brands, and demonstrate the impact of star players on teams within sport brand architecture.

Given their application to global sport settings, these findings have implications for sport managers who introduce new brands to the marketplace.

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