Thilo Kunkel, Ph.D.

In the media


Gold Coast Suns Interview 

I was invited to represent Griffith University at the Griffith Red Couch Interview at the Gold Coast Suns game agains Port Adelaide. (Audience 10,000+ attendees).




Interview with Channel 10 regarding the NRL drug scandal.

Report broadcasted on Channel 10: TEN News at 5pm (Audience 160,000).

Interview with ABC Gold and Tweed Coasts broadcasted during the morning news section.







Griffith University Press Release: Leagues undermined when clubs play dirty

This press release is focussed on the findings of my PhD research and addresses how fans’ perceptions of the league may influence their perception towards teams within this league.






Gold Coast Bulletin: Gold Coast United in hope of club’s resurrection

Presentation to more than 150 dedicated Gold Coast United fans, players and potential investors at Griffith University.





Sportbiz Insider: Why FFA needs to stick by its Gold Coast expansion planPresentation on why retaining the Gold Coast team is important to FFA’s brand image.